Unique baby lock technology

  • ExtraordinAir™ or Jet-Air Threading™
  • Automatic thread delivery
  • Closed looper system
  • Needle threader
  • Chaining off at the end of the fabric
  • Looper drive system
  • Advanced cutter system
  • Adjustable stitch width
  • 8/7/6 thread seam patterns
  • Wave stitch
  • Adjustable stitch length and rolled hem function
  • Improved fabric support
  • Differential feed
  • Chain stitch / Cover stitch thread tension
  • Presser foot lever at the front of the machine
  • Storage space for power cable and foot control cable
  • Needle holder
  • Special imitate hand stitch
  • How long does it actually take to thread an overlock machine? The patented ExtraordinAirTM (fully automated looper threading system using a button and air) or the Jet-Air Threading™ (looper threading system using a lever and air) allow you to thread your baby lock overlock machine within just a few seconds. Simply by pressing a button or lever, the threads are inserted into the unique loopers using air. The upper, lower or cover loopers are thus threaded in no time at all. Never before has threading been so fast, easy and unusual.

    Fully automated looper threading system using ExtraordinAirTM: Ovation, Evolution and Enlighten
    Looper threading system using a lever and air: desire3, imagine, enspire and BLCS

    ExtraordinAir™ oder Jet-Air Threading™

  • Automatic Thread Delivery System (ATD)

    Exclusively from baby lock: the automatic thread delivery system (ATD) Select the stitch you want and start sewing. See for yourself, the result will be perfect. Threading sequence? Thread the machine in any order you like. The overlock machine with ATD system produces a perfect seam. No matter which thread or fabric you use for your sewing project, the stitches will be balanced and beautiful. Simply sewing without a care, that is baby lock.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten and imagine

    Automatische Fadenzufuhr

  • No more loose threads. No need to follow any threading points. All baby lock overlock machines are fitted with a closed looper system, protecting your looper threads and preventing any threading faults. You choose the stitch and the order in which you thread your overlock machine. Enjoy sewing again with your overlock machine from baby lock.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten, imagine, enspire and BLCS

    Geschlossenes Greifersystem

  • baby lock has given much thought to making threading an overlock machine as easy as possible. This is also true for threading the needles of your overlock machine. The needle threader is designed for both needles. Lightly press the lever down, a small hook passes through the eye of the needle, the needle thread is put in front of it and the needle is threaded.

    Enlighten, imagine and enspire


  • baby lock has developed a chaining-off device to make cover stitching easier. Save valuable time as well as unnecessary steps and trouble with a baby lock coverlock machine. Thanks to the chaining-off function, you can start and stop sewing easily. You can stitch both into the fabric and on top of or beyond it. If you use decorative threads for chaining off, you can use these as an eye-catching trimming.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3 and BLCS

    Abketten am Stoffende

  • This system protects your machine from unnecessary repairs. You have much more time to enjoy sewing with your overlock or coverlock machine. baby lock's patented looper drive system prevents the loopers from becoming misaligned or moving out of sync, thus protecting them from any severe damage.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten, imagine, enspire and BLCS

    Greifer Antriebssystem

  • Sew and cut thicker materials or several fabric layers with ease. The advanced cutter system on your overlock or coverlock machine provides a bigger cutting height.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten, imagine and enspire

    Fortschrittliches Messer-System

  • baby lock overlock and coverlock machines have a system that is very useful and important for stitching perfect seams. When changing the stitch or cutting width of a baby lock overlock or coverlock machine, the cutter and chaining finger move together in the same direction to produce a perfect seam with the corresponding stitch width. The stitch width really does become wider or narrower, not just the cutting width or the gap between the chaining finger and the edge of the fabric, without any tiresome and time-consuming adjustments.

    Einstellbare Stichbreite

  • Only baby lock offers a coverlock machine that can stitch with eight threads at once and has 87 stitch options. baby lock produced the first coverlock machines in the world allowing the combination of overlock and cover stitches. Two machines combined in one - the baby lock coverlock machine.

    Ovation and Evolution

    8/7/6 Fädige Nahtmuster

  • Baby lock's unique and exclusive wave stitch. A decorative stitch for many different applications. Thanks to baby lock's automatic thread delivery, one wave stitch looks like the other. This gives every decoration the perfect look.

    Ovation, Evolution, enlighten


  • A baby lock machine allows you to adjust the stitch length efficiently and quickly with a dial and without changing the presser foot or throat plate. The dial also lets you change to the rolled hem function without any additional adjustments.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten, imagine and enspire. The BLCS has no rolled hem function.

    Einstellbare Stich-Länge und Rollsaumfunktion

  • All baby lock overlock, coverlock and cover stitch models include an improved fabric support system to keep stitches flat and balanced, no matter what speed, fabric or stitch you choose. The result is always a perfect seam.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten, imagine, enspire and BLCS

    Verbesserter Stofftransport

  • Gathering at a ratio of 2:1, no problem with baby lock overlock, coverlock or cover stitch machines. We have further developed our differential feed system. Each of our overlock, coverlock and cover stitch machines has a single feed unit. Gather or stretch your fabrics as you like. You can rely on the result: a baby lock produces a perfect, even stitch.

    Ovation, Evolution, desire3, enlighten, imagine, enspire and BLCS


  • All three needle threads are controlled by a single tension dial on a baby lock coverlock machine. This saves you time adjusting the correct thread tension and ensures a perfect cover stitch in the twinkle of an eye. You save a lot of time and trouble and enjoy your sewing more.

    Ovation, Evolution and desire3

    Ketten- / Coverstich Fadenspannung

  • Our engineers are always trying to find new and interesting solutions that make the coverlock machines even more user-friendly. The ergonomically located presser foot lever is such a solution. It's on the front of our Ovation.


    Hebel für die Füßchenlüftung auf der Vorderseite der Maschine

  • baby lock has also found a good solution for the cables. Any of our coverlock machines, for example, has storage space on the side. The cables can run in a space-saving way keeping the sewing area is tidy.


    Stauraum für Stromkabel und Anlasserkabel

  • The needle holder on any of our coverlock machines was designed so that the screws cannot fall off suddenly if you loosen them but forget to fasten them again.



  • A special stitch designed to imitate hand stitching. The Sashiko stitch looks as if it has been hand-stitched but it is machine-stitched. There is no nylon or similar thread between the stitches. The result is a soft and flexible seam.


    Spezieller Handstich