Important information in the event of a warranty claim

1. Machine registration

Please register your baby lock machine on our website at within three months of the purchase date.

2. Fixed warranty terms

The following fixed warranty terms are valid for normal household use (no commercial or industrial use)

  1. With extended warranty:
    two years on mechanical and electronic components as well as labour costs plus two extra yearsb on mechanical and electronic components.
  2. Without extended warranty:
    two years on mechanical and electronic components as well as labour costs.

3. Warranty period

The warranty period begins when the new baby lock machine is purchased and is valid for two years if you do not register for an extended warranty.

4. Limited warranty

A limited warranty of six months is granted on mechanical and electronic components as well as labour costs for machines that are used commercially. Please refer to Point 6 for parts that are excluded from any warranty.

5. Beneficiary of warranty and exclusion

The warranty and extended warranty only apply for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. Components that are subject to wear, any accidental damage, damage caused by negligence or failures due to incorrect operation are excluded from the warranty. Please follow the instructions given in the respective user manual at all times.

The warranty is also voided if:

  • repairs are carried by any third parties
  • the machine has been modified in any way
  • inadequate packaging has been used to return the machine to the authorised dealer
  • the serial number has been changed or is illegible
  • the machine was subject to force majeure
  • damage or faults were caused due to the use of third-party components and accessories

You have to pay for the repair in these cases.

6. Wearing parts

Wearing parts are not covered by this warranty. Therefore, the following parts are excluded from warranty:
Needles, bobbins, bobbin cases, lamps, carbon brushes, springs, non-metallic parts and/or components (such as housing parts), loopers, drive belts, thread spool holders, threading devices (e.g. needle threaders or threading wires), stitch formation devices, cutting tools and all other part that are subject to „normal wear and tear“.

7. Warranty requirements

A warranty will only be granted if all of the prescribed maintenance work has been carried out by an authorised baby lock dealer and if all of the information and instructions on operating the machine in the baby lock user manual have been observed and followed (in particular the maintenance intervals). Otherwise, all claims based on warranty are forfeited.

8. In case of a warranty claim

Should a warranty repair become necessary, please contact your local authorised baby lock dealer or the dealer from whom you purchased the baby lock machine. On-site service provided through the dealer or Consuendi GmbH has to be paid for unless otherwise expressly agreed in the purchase contract in writing. Of course, you can also send your baby lock machine directly to us. Please contact us beforehand. After having received a written confirmation, you may send the machine to us at your cost. Please enclose your purchase contract or receipt together with any warranty claim as well as the warranty certificate if you have registered for an extended warranty. Please contact us (Consuendi GmbH) if you, the purchaser, have changed your place of residence and lost contact to the seller of your machine within the warranty period.

9. Continuitation of statutory claims

This warranty does not affect the statutory liability for material defects which continues to remain effective against the seller without any limitation.

10. Miscellaneous

We grant an extended warranty for our machines on a voluntary basis. Any warranties that are claimed do not entail any extension of the warranty term and/or do not set any new date for another term. All warranty claims become time-barred on the last day of the warranty term. If a warranty has been claimed within the warranty period and the service has not yet been provided, the limitation only becomes effective after provision of the service.

11. Validity

This warranty is only valid for machines that were purchased in the following countries and imported through Consuendi GmbH:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • France

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