Overlocking, Cover Stitching, Sashiko, Embellishing? -
just be creative at the baby lock Academy!

In our new training rooms at Sywell Aerodrome, Northants, we will show you what you can do with an overlock, cover stitch, Sashiko or Embellishing machine. 

Nählkurse von baby lock

You will be amazed at the talents that lie dormant in you and your machine. We will awaken them together!
We offer beginners the entry into the world of textile machinery. This includes getting to know your machine, the various stitches and where to use them.

Advanced users not only have the opportunity to learn more about their machines, but will also get to know the diverse special accessories of the individual machines and learn and try out the various possible uses. In small groups and a pleasant atmosphere, we work out small projects with you and you can apply new and already familiar things step by step.
The variety of the baby lock machine program makes it possible that you do not have to limit yourself to your machine. Maybe you would like to try something "different". If necessary, we can provide you with a loan machine.
If you do not yet own a baby lock machine, we are happy to help and advise you.

 Coffee and tea will be provided. A restaurant is nearby, or you could bring a packed lunch. For those who have a long journey and want to stay nearby, we are happy to advise on local accommodation. There is a rather lovely hotel on site.

Bring your own machine

Bring your baby on holiday with you! We can advise on the best way to keep her (him?) fit, healthy and squeaky clean whilst you are with us. You will also have the chance to see the accessories available for your chosen model. If you have a discontinued model; not a problem. They are workhorses and still capable of a hard day’s work when they are vintage. 

Baby lock voucher

If you have a generous family member or friend wanting to find a suitable gift, we can offer vouchers towards the Academy training to the value of £20 and upwards.

Cancellation Policy

Anyone forced to cancel over 2 weeks before the course will be able to claim a full refund, or arrange an alternative course. No refunds less than 14 days prior.

Obviously, all courses will have to comply with the Government’s recommendations regarding Covid. Any forced cancellations will be postponed to an acceptable date


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