Made in Japan

The world's first overlock machine that was developed and built for household use was a baby lock. From the very beginning, the motto was: we at baby lock deliver only the highest quality to our customers, which is made in Japan. Since then, baby lock has remained true to their chosen path and produced the highest-quality and simplest overlock machines in the market. baby lock has rejected quantity in favour of quality, making their products something special. Our baby lock machines are produced in a craft-like manufacturing facility in the north of Japan. They are produced only in Japan in a limited quantity per year. Every single machine is tested by a sewer for 20 minutes. More than 30 different seams are sewn to guarantee the high quality demands placed on this product before it is delivered to our worldwide customers. The very important and sensitive loopers are polished, inspected, tested and fine tuned by hand. This is not the only thing that is "man-made". There are many more processes that are implemented by highly qualified employees. What is it that makes baby lock so special and unique? Every machine offers a whole range of important and unique features that cannot be found in any other machine. We have listed some of them in an overview:

Made in Japan
  • baby lock jet-air threading system
    No need to follow any comlicated threading paths and there are no loose threads that could get tangled up. Just insert the thread into the desired looper port, push the button and hey presto, the looper is threaded completely and automatically. You can also thread all three loopers at once on the machines with ExtraordinAirTM. And it goes without saying that you can define the threading order yourself. The threading process still has to be initiated manually by actuating the threading lever with some of our machines.
  • Automatic thread delivery system (ATD)
    This ingenious system does away with any worries about thread tension adjustment. Perfectly balanced stitches with threads of different qualities on a wide range of materials, from fine through to heavy fabrics, are no longer a matter of good luck. Simply sewing without bothering about anything, that is baby lock.
  • Adjustable stitch width
    The cutter and the chaining finger move together at the same time to produce a perfect seam. The stitch width really does become wider or narrower, not just the cutting width, without any tiresome and time-consuming adjustments.
  • Needle threader
    The needle threader for both needles works in two steps to help you thread the needles easily in no time at all.
  • Rolled hem and stitch length adjustment at the same point
    Adjust the stitch length and rolled hem function with the same dial.
  • Chaining off when using the cover stitch
    You can stitch both into the fabric and on top of it. This is a great benefit for many sewing projects. You can chain off with decorative threads and use these as a trimming.
  • And there are many more features besides
    • Lower cutter that can be retracted and used as a fabric quide
    • Wave stitch for fanciful edge decorations
    • Knee lift on the Ovation
    • Built-in accessory compartment in the thread stand
    • Sewing speed adjustment on our Ovation
    • Ingenious cable guide for the foot control and power cable
    • Special trouble-free and easy maintenance looper drive
    • Special differential feed for decorative gatherings and eye-catching stitches
    • Vertical needle to produce a high penetration force
    • Possibility of using up to eight threads at once to produce fanciful decorative stitches

Thanks to an ingenious mechanical design, the innovations baby lock machines feature do without computer technology. This is what makes the baby lock less prone to disturbances and extremely durable.