baby lock features

Jet-air system

No need to follow any complicated threading paths and there are no loose threads that could get tangled up. Just insert the thread into the desired looper port, push the button and hey presto, the looper is threaded completely and automatically. You can also thread all three loopers at once if you like. And it goes without saying that you can define the threading order yourself. The threading process still has to be initiated manually by pressing the threading lever with some of our machines.

Automatic thread delivery system (ATD)

Simply choose the stitch you like and start sewing a perfect seam. This ingenious system does away with any worries about thread tension adjustment. Perfectly balanced stitches with threads of different qualities on a wide range of materials, from fine through to heavy fabrics, are no longer a matter of good luck. Simply sewing without bothering about anything, this is baby lock.

Unique loopers

No more loose threads. No need to follow any threading paths, and what's more, you no longer have to stick to a defined threading order. You choose the stitch and the order you thread the machine to get you sewing happily.

Looper drive system

This exclusive looper drive system prevents the loopers from becoming misaligned or moving out of sync, thus protecting them from any severe damage. Unnecessary repairs are therefore avoided and you have much more time to enjoy sewing.

Advanced cutter system with one-way clutch system

Baby lock has developed a cutter system that allows you to cut even thicker fabrics with ease and also gives you a good view on the cutting area.

Differential feed

baby lock has further developed the conventional differential feed. In contrast to other overlock machines, the differential feed is a single unit. This ensures an improved and stronger feed as well as a more consistent gathering of all fabrics if this is wanted.

Adjustable stitch length and rolled hem function

A baby lock allows you to adjust the stitch length easily with the stitch length dial. Choose a stitch length between 0.75 and 4 mm. The dial also lets you change to the rolled hem function without any additional operations. Here again, you can select the stitch length / stitch density for your rolled hem between 0.75 and 4 mm.

Improved fabric support

All baby lock models include an improved fabric support system to keep stitches flat and balanced, no matter what speed, fabric or stitch you choose. The result is always a perfect seam.

Adjustable stitch width   

The cutter and the chaining finger move together in the same direction in all of baby lock's overlock and coverlock machines to produce a perfect seam with corresponding stitch width. The catch thread length need not be adjusted. The stitch width really does become wider or narrower, not just the cutting width, without any tiresome and time-consuming adjustments.

Vertical needle position

While most machines use slanted needles that may push and damage the fabric, baby lock's needles are located vertically to penetrate the fabric directly. This exclusive function protects your fabric and prevents the needles from bending. They also have a better stitch precision and higher penetration force in the sewing process.

Chain stitch / cover stitch thread tension

Baby lock has revolutionised the cover stitch with its Evolution, including chain stitch, cover stitch and triple cover stitch. All three needles are controlled by a single tension dial. This saves you time adjusting the correct thread tension and ensures a perfect result in the twinkle of an eye.

8/7/6 thread stitches

baby lock's Evolve, Evolution and Ovation are the only coverlock machines that can stitch with eight threads at once. They can offer a total of 87 stitch combinations, more than ever before. The baby lock Evolve (produced as of 1999) was the first coverlock machine in the world that allowed the combination of overlock and cover stitches and to this day, only the coverlock machine from baby lock provides this functionality.

Chaining off at the end of the fabric

A baby lock lets you start or stop the cover stitch simply by using the automatic chaining-off function at the end. You can both stitch into the fabric and on top of it. This is a great benefit for many sewing projects. You can chain off with decorative threads and use these as a trimming. What's more, the Evolution and Ovation are much more powerful than other coverlock machines when it comes to heavier fabrics.

Wave stitch

baby lock has designed a new sophisticated thread delivery unit to give every decoration for which the unique wave stitch is used a perfect look.

Needle threader

The needle threader for both needles works in two steps to help you thread the needles easily in no time at all.

Presser foot lever at the front of the machine

baby lock has located the presser foot lever at the front of the machine to make working with a coverlock machine even easier. The machine is now much easier to operate because you no longer have to fumble for the lever behind the machine head.